Mobile is often perceived as being the anti-social technology with users spending more time looking at their screens than each other. Rethinking how we define social in a mobile world, we created a social game environment showcasing proximity-based technology where users could participate without having to pull out their phones. No checking-in. No liking. Just real human interaction.


Our team engineered a custom circuit board comprised of a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) microchip and custom firmware. An iPad app using a BLE service was developed so that we could identify, monitor and track the circuit boards as they moved about. To house them, we designed and 3D-printed 200 customized cases which were then transformed into wearable bracelets.


We piloted the technology at an exclusive event where the winner of our social game won a free travel voucher! Each guest received one of our custom bracelets with a unique ID tag to participate and collected points by meeting new people (shaking hands) and clinking glasses (toasting) over the iPad-embedded cocktail tables. The proximity-based interactions from the bracelets were recorded and tracked in real-time, broadcasting the top 10 most social attendees, based on points collected, on a leaderboard.


  • 200 guests with unique ID bracelets successfully tracked in real-time
  • 2,000 unique pings per second from the bracelets supported by the server
  • 50 million+ unique data points processed, visualized, and analyzed
  • 600 new social connections made